Did you know that managing your disease or symptoms with prescriptions and/or procedures alone is an incomplete health and wellness strategy? Using specific lifestyle measures, you can actually increase your metabolic reserves and physiological resilience to not only reduce the impact of your health concerns and risks now, but also simultaneously improve your quality AND quantity of life tomorrow. Join us to learn how to leverage and personalize the proven secrets to wellBEing so you can experience real health and wellness now.


Use for patients with these issues:


  • Weight concerns

  • Blood sugar/insulin imbalances

  • Heart disease/stroke risk

  • Cancer risk

  • Digestive disorders

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Autoimmunity/allergy issues

  • Mental health concerns



Visit Forms:
Patient intake forms designed to capture key information to create efficient and billable patient visits.  Also includes a unique SOAP not for each topic.


Patient Handouts:
Unique patient education handouts for each topic to assist in the implementation of key lifestyle changes required to correct underlying causes of illness.  


Multi-Media Education:
Choose the format to best suit your presentation style:  

  • Video presented by Dr. Saxena,
  • Video narrated by Dr. Saxena
  • Presentation slides for custom education.  

The Secret of WellBEing (Latest Release)

  • Maximize Your Time with Patients

    Your Group Visit Toolkit includes all of the following:

    1.  Powerpoint slide deck which you can modify.

    2.  2 styles of presentation videos:

         -  A version narrated by Dr. Saxena. 

         -  A version with Dr. Saxena presenting. 

    3.  Flyers to promote your upcoming group visit. 

    4.  Handouts for your group visit participants. 

    5.  SOAP note for proper documentation & billing purposes. 

    6.  Sample HIPAA form if you feel is necessary.