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Transforming Medicine with Group Visits


The weight of the growing number of patients with chronic disease is bearing down hard upon the U.S. population, the number of physicians in the country are dwindling – leaving providers with more patients and less time. Delivering quality care to every single patient is rapidly becoming an impossible task. The solution to the problem is easily verbalized: providers need more time with each patient. But, with some providers already seeing as many as 35 patients a day – is finding “extra” time even possible?

  • Providers need more time with patients.
  • Patients need more time with providers.

Group visits (GV), also known as shared medical appointments, have become the viable solution for healthcare providers struggling to find the time to deliver the highest quality care to an ever-growing number of patients plagued by chronic illness. GVs offer the opportunity for a clinician to see multiple patients as a group for follow-up or routine care. These visits can be insurance billable or cash based and provide a secure but interactive setting. In this setting, patients not only have access to their providers, but they can learn from the first-hand experiences of their fellow group members and receive well-rounded advice. 

What is a Group Visit?

The Group Visit TooKit (GVT) provides you all the materials needed to promote & deliver effective GV's to your patients & your community.  Each GVT Includes the following:

  • Patient intake forms (customizable)

  • Patient education handouts (customizable)

  • Multi-media education

    • Video + Audio presentations​

    • Presentation slides for custom education

  • Promotional materials (customizable)​


Use the GVT as a billable visit or for patient education. 

What is a Group Visit ToolKit?

Maximize Your Time With Patients

With insurance reimbursements shrinking and pressure to see more patients rising, it is challenging to have the in-depth conversations that impart important, lifestyle medicine principles to patients.  


Group Visits make up an innovative model for health care.  They are hailed by Time magazine and used by leading medical organizations such as the Cleveland Clinic and Kaiser Permanente to improve outcomes. Group Visits provide valuable teaching opportunities and give patients the extended provider interaction they desire.  Group Visits can be insurance billable or cash visits.



Patient intake forms designed to capture key information to create efficient and billable patient visits.  Also includes a unique SOAP note for each topic if billing insurance in the United State.


Unique patient education handouts for each topic to assist in the implementation of key lifestyle changes required to correct underlying causes of illness.


Choose the format to best suit your presentation style:

  • Video + Audio version

  • Presentation slides for custom education


Group Visit ToolKit

Makes It Easy to Succeed

designed for healthcare providers and patient educators

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Your patients want to change. . . .

now you have the tools.

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